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April 2, 2008
Our 2008 tour awardwith the New York

The Washington Post TRAVEL Q&A wrote about our tour back in 2003.

June 15, 2000
The American Israelitearticle read it below


Letters of Appreciation, received over the years, our Client Testimonials and also as an example our 2001 survey report, further down.

picture of our 2005 Central Tour members.

Judy-Jerry J./Ellen B./ Gary F./Ron C./Louise F./Cor Suijk/Emily B./Roger G./Cor vV./Johan S.
      Kneeling: James H./Patricia H./Olivia B./Dallas S.

February 2008 we had our first tour through Germany and Poland with students from the New York Eastchester High School and much to our surprise they received an award from the Anne Hutchinson Lodge
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on our next testimonials page

he members of our Russian -eastern- tour 2005:

                 Dawn B. - Joanne C.   - Marie-Pete F.  - Pjotr Bd    - Ellen B.   -  Doreen H.
         Janet McP.
                         Tine K.        -  Johan S.       -   Cor.Suijk


The 2004 Southern Tour
group in France.
Click here for  pictures
of our
2004 Southern
& Central tour

The 2004 Central Tour Group in
The Netherlands, Camp Westerbork


The journeys we did over the past years:
Band of Brothers Central EuropeSouthern EuropeEast Europe

letter enlarged A really nice card we received
from E. B. 

Click the card for an enlargement

A short excerpt from the card above, a long time ago received token of appreciation:
Cor, thank you for all you did to make the Historic sites Tour so enjoyable and educational for me. Your concern for detail, your interest in each of us and our comfort, your knowledge and especially your stories and jokes. Even the long hours on the bus were a good chance to visit and learn ........

Two photographs where all tour members gathered:

this one was published in the American Israelite of June 15, 2000, the 1999 company:

And the one below was taken in Westerbork year 2002:




PERSONAL COMMENTS on the Tour of 2001

Read the extensive personal comments report in a new popup window

Excellent trip! Memories to share a life time......
Excellent group of people and good number of people.   We had a good balance of the serious and play.......

I like the smaller towns like Bruges and Celle....
In Prague, the Corinthia Towers is nice of variety.....
This was a good first time trip to Europe.......

I appreciated the balance of educational and fun events..... I enjoyed how we learned from other group members....

When I came on this trip I was told it would be life changing. It truly has changed my life, thinking and the way I will....

I feel we definitely received our money's worth.....

Great tour - will encourage others to participate.....
Meeting actual people involved in events
(Cor, Miep etc.) make this trip unique.

The organization, itinerary, comfort and information has been excellent....
Meeting Cor, Miep, Jacque and Melissa has been an experience I will treasure.   This trip has been important to me both educationally and personally.

The trip was wonderful! .......  The Anne Frank House and the canal boat ride in Amsterdam were great. ....  The Sacher Hotel is unbelievable! .......

You need a guide at each of the camps and at each point historical overviews.....

A lot of nice places, historical and not..... Cor was a 'take charge' leader, but in a very sincere way.
I was quite impressed with all the 'crew' and .......

I thought it was very wise to show the videos on the bus ...

Great combination of intense versus leisure. 

SURVEY 2001 TOUR .....

Read the complete survey report in a new popup window

The directions for the feedback:

Kindly express your opinion by grading the various aspects of our journey with an A for Excellent B for Good C for Fair D for Poor E for Wrong Choice

Here follows an example, for all days of the 2001  days click the link above.
Below approval in percentage % for A and B,
(the good and excellent only)

Day 2 Friday June 22

95%  Airport arrival:
     immigration and customs luggage handling
100%  Coach : seating, comfort
 90%   first info on bus
 95%   Fort Breendonk, museum
100%   currency exchange and other services
 95%   lunch Breendonk
 90%   Hotel Aragon, Bruges check-in and porter
100%   room and services city bus tour Bruges
 95%    Bruges, a town to visit

Day 10 Saturday June 30

95%   hotel Prague breakfast
90%   check-out and porter
86%   bus to Mauthausen, incl.stop near border
95%   video Mauthausen on bus
76%   lunch break
95%   camp Mauthausen
90%   bus journey to Salzburg
86%   Sacher hotel Salzburg: check-in and porter
95%   room, comfort
90%   food, services

Day 13 Tuesday July 3

95%   Judgment: Chauffeur
95%   Bus
95%   Value for money


The article in the Washington Post apparantly doesn't show up anymore,
but you may check it out on this page  (opens in a new window)and choose a few topics from the top: "it's a cheap world after all" .... we saved a copy of that page:

It's a Cheap World After All

By Carol Sottili
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, November 30, 2003; Page P03

I am interested in visiting various concentration camp sites in Europe. I would like to go with a group where historical information would be presented.

Dick Bard


Companies that specialize in World War II tours often incorporate a visit to one or more concentration camps within their tours. But there are few tours totally devoted to touring the camps.

European Contemporary History Tours (212-946-5480, www.eurohistour.com), a company led by camp survivor Cor Suijk -- president of the Contemporary Holocaust Education Foundation in New York and CEO emeritus of Amsterdam's Anne Frank House -- has tours geared to teachers, but all are welcome. The company offers a Central Europe tour "from the Netherlands to Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria." The July 7-22 trip focuses on "the places we know from the Holocaust and gives a real impression of what happened 60 years ago." Cost is $3,200 and includes airfare, guides, transportation and lodging.

Also, pick up a copy of "Concentration Camps: A Traveler's Guide to World War II Sites" by Marc Terrance, which includes information on tour guides. It is available at www.amazon.com for $19.95 plus shipping.


The oldest, in 1854 established, Jewish weekly in the U.S. The American Israelite
in an extensive front page report on June 15, 2000, headed  Interfaith group promotes Holocaust education highlites the annual 13 day Historic Sites tour, visiting five European countries and nine Holocaust sites, backed by The Greater Cincinnati Interfaith Holocaust Foundation.

This year 56 men and women participated, predominantly educators, from 12 different states, partially generously sponsored by prominent charities. Not all applications could be honored, because of a limited bus capacity. It initiated the consideration to conduct 2 identical journeys annually. 

The magazine quotes Edgar M.Richardson, a college professor and 1998 participant, expressing his reflections in writing : 
 There lies the hope that good, sensitive teachers in multiple contacts and settings, can transfer what we know of the Holocaust to our contemporary world in which genocide, ethnic cleansing, injustice, abuse, silence and inaction in the face of evil continue. Will we as individuals accept responsibility and have the courage to address the neglect, illiteracy, suffering, starvation and deaths of those who are victims of irrational hate or apathy?

Professor Richardson continues :

We all must be ethical and respond passionately to the needs for creating a genuine `communitas'. We can do this by searching our own hearts and minds, by examining the motives for our own behaviors, by lighting stereotypes, prejudices and selfishness within ourselves and others, and by courageously standing up for justice and fairness, to transform humanity.

However, the tour leaders assures:

The journey is not all death and doom. Beautiful, cultural, romantic and amusing experiences alternate abundantly with the `low'. 


A Not For Profit Travel Bureau - www.eurohistour.com

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